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Comprehension Check:

By the Great Horn Spoon Quiz Questions 

Chapter 1

  1. Why did Jack and Praiseworthy have to become stowaways?
  2. Why does Jack want to go to CA and make a lot of money?
  3. How old is Jack?
  4. What is Praiseworthy's job?
  5. What is their new job on the boat?
  6. Why is the captain in such a rush to get to CA?

Chapter 2

  1. Why did the weather get so warm?
  2. What did Praiseworthy use to find out who the thief was?
  3. How did he do it?
  4. What was the thief's name?

Chapter 3

  1. Is the Sea Raven ahead or behind?
  2. Why did the other ship need to be towed?
  3. Why did Jack not want to become friends with Good Luck?

Chapter 4

  1. Is the Sea Raven ahead or behind?
  2. How did Jack know the cook was after Good Luck?
  3. What did Cut-Eye Higgins steal?
  4. How did Good Luck escape the ship?

Chapter 5

  1. Why did it get cold again?
  2. How long did the storms and bad weather last?
  3. How did they get ahead?
  4. How did Praisworthy figure out the captain's route?

Chapter 6

  1. Why were the grape vines going to be ruined?
  2. Why was the potato guy not going to make any money from them?
  3. How did they solve both these problems with one solution?

Chapter 7

  1. What followed Praiseworthy on the boat because he was carrying liver?
  2. Why did the Sea Raven take all the coal?
  3. Why did the Sea Raven go so slowly?
  4. How did the Lady Wilma move, even though they didn't have any coal?

Chapter 8

  1. Was San Francisco a new city or old city?
  2. Why didn't Jack and Praiseworthy take a bath?
  3. Why was the miner following them?
  4. How did Jack and Praiseworthy make money by giving free haircuts?

Chapter 9

  1. Why did they sell a pick and shovel?
  2. Who was the guy in the jipijapa hat?
  3. How did Cut-Eye Higgins get to California?

Chapter 10

  1. How did the map disappear?
  2. What was Jack surprised to find out was in Praiseworthy's bag?
  3. The outlaws didn't find Jack and Praisworthy's gold.  Where was it?
  4. What helped Praiseworthy knock out one of the outlaws?

Chapter 11

  1. Why did they choose to stay at the Empire Hotel?
  2. What was Praiseworthy accused of stealing?
  3. What did Praiseworthy use to sort out the gold?
  4. How did Jack get his nickname?

Chapter 12

  1. What was Praiseworthy famous for?

Chapter 13

  1. What did Jack accidently buy?
  2. How did that happen?
  3. How did he get rich from this accidental purchase?
  4. What did Praiseworthy promise to do that worried Jack?

Chapter 14

  1. Who is stubb?
  2. How does Praiseworthy think that he can beat Mountain Ox

Chapter 15

  1. What animal scared Jack?
  2. What happened when he backed away from the animal?
  3. What did the man who helped Jack have?
  4. How had Cut-Eye Higgins tricked them?

Chapter 16

  1. What did Jack pretend so that they could save Cut-Eye Higgins?
  2. Why did they want to save Cut-Eye Higgins?
  3. Why did they start digging up on the hill?
  4. Why did the map turn out to be no good?

Chapter 17

  1. When they first found gold, why did they smash the gold lump?
  2. Why did Praiseworthy stick his umbrella in the ground?
  3. Did the fight take a long time or a short time?
  4. Who won?

Chapter 18

  1. What happened to the boat they were on?
  2. What bad thing did this cause?
  3. Why were there no people at the Lady Wilma?
  4. How did Jack and Praiseworthy get rich by visiting the Lady Wilma?
  5. What did Praiseworhty ask Jack's aunt?
  6. What new profession do the towns need that Praiseworthy thinking of trying?



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It is very sad to note that the great author died on March 17 2010- he lived a long and fruitful life and will be missed by all his fans.

Sid Fleischman, a Newbery Award-winning author who never set out to write for children but flung himself into the field on a dare, died at his home in Santa Monica, Calif., on March 17, the day after his 90th birthday.  The cause was cancer, his son, Paul, said. Presented annually by the American Library Association, the Newbery Award is widely regarded as the Pulitzer Prize of children’s literature.

Sid Fleischman received his in 1987 for "The Whipping Boy" (1986, illustrated by Peter Sis),

His other great work - By The Great Hornspoon, is a great book for all school children and adults and an absolutely fabulous homeschooling read. In this book, Sid managed to portray the harsh times of the California Gold Rush with gentleness and humor.

Mr. Fleischman’s work was praised by critics for its sly humor, carefully controlled suspense and dexterous sleights-of-hand  qualities that had served him well in his previous careers as a magician, Hollywood screenwriter and novelist for adults.